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Let’s work together to transform your relationship with money and take control of your finances in a way that honors and reflects who you are.

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This isn’t a regular spreadsheet, it’s a cool spreadsheet. Snag the monthly budget spreadsheet that me and my clients use to stay on track with our financial goals. It’s filled with fun colors, a visual bill calendar, spending tracker, savings and debt trackers, an annual dashboard, and more! Because organizing your money can be— dare I say —fun!!


Dopamine Dollars Spreadsheet


The 6-week money management group coaching program that will help you take control of your finances the neuro$picy way.

The Neuro$picy Money Method 

Mini Courses

 Manage Your Money

This mini-course will help you get clear on your starting point, organize your accounts, negotiate your bills, and ultimately set up a solid financial foundation.

Grow Your Savings

This mini-course will break down where to store your money, how to prepare for unexpected expenses, and how to set and reach all your savings goals.

Tackle Your Debt

This mini-course will give you a solid debt repayment plan, a clear understanding of how credit cards actually work, and reduce the shame you feel.

Build Your Budget

This mini-course will walk you through how to identify problem areas, spend more intentionally, and create a sustainable money system.

 Master Your Mindset

This mini-course will uncover the beliefs and patterns holding you back, and give you the tools to move forward.

Change Your Habits

This mini-course will show you how to stop impulse spending and instead build new habits that make money management part of your lifestyle.

 Manage Your Money

grow your savings

Mini Courses

tackle your debt

build your budget

master your mindset

change your habits

Speaking and Brand Deals

Bring an intersectional perspective on personal finance to your next event, team training, workshop or brand partnership! Ellyce delivers an engaging, fresh, and thoughtful approach to the complexities of money. 

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1. Keeping finance personal:

2. financial foundations:

3. the neuro$picy money method:

how your identity and lived experience impact your money story and shape your financial habits.

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the key practical systems and strategies for setting up your finances for success in the future.  

understanding the impact of neurodivergence on your money, and figuring out the systems and tools that work.