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It's time to put the "Personal" back in Personal finance

The problem with so much of the traditional financial education out there is that it doesn’t take into account who you are as a person. The identities you hold, your lived experience, the way you navigate and perceive the world, your personal values and goals, your access to power and privilege or subjection to barriers and systems of oppression all have an impact on your money.  

That’s why I decided to write Keeping Finance Personal. With chapters focusing on the importance of finding safe spaces when dealing with your finances, personal values, relationship dynamics, habits and coping mechanisms, this is not your typical financial advice book. Keeping Finance Personal is filled with relatable stories, interviews from a diverse range of voices, and practical exercises to help you identify your money story, values, beliefs, and behaviours, and equip you with the tools to create a life where financial stability and joy coexist.

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Hi, I'm Ellyce!

Queer + Neurodivergent financial educator, author, and content creator.

My approach to financial literacy goes beyond the conventional, focusing on the intersectionality of identities and lived experiences. I am passionate about helping my online community of over half a million find the right tools, strategies, and perspective to create a life where financial stability and joy coexist.

My work has been featured on many notable platforms such as: The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, The Financial Post, Vogue Singapore, Refinery29, and Global News. When I'm
not teaching, talking, and writing about all things personal finance, you can find me adventuring with my girlfriend, reading, trying new coffee shops, thrifting, or spending hours on my latest hyperfixation. I currently live in Calgary, AB with my partner.